A page that can Kill you or Save you

1.The Page that can Kill you or Save you!


Whatever you might want to write about your surely want to make your first words count! The reason is that nobody cares about you but for your story. Yes! You have to admit it. We all have and the soonest the better. When somebody takes a brief look at our script/draft/play, etc. he seeks for a reason not to leave it aside and find something better to spend his time with. That is your chance (and probably your only one) to convince him that he MUST continue reading your book. Your first page is the MOST important because of that reason. It is the page that can kill or save your whole book. Now how can I write a first page that makes the reader feel that he MUST continue reading?

Let’s say that you are writing Fiction.

The best way to start compelling first page is to start from the very first line of it or at least from the very first paragraph. Let’s take a look to these examples:

Example 1:

The time was 9:00 am when I heard my alarm clock ringing. “Another boring day,” I thought wishing something interesting to happen. (Well, your reader probably hopes the same!). I went all the way to the kitchen of the house. I opened the fridge and got something to eat. I finished my breakfast and then took my dog for a walk.

Ok, I admit it. I purposely wrote that paragraph so bad to give you a great example of the worst way to begin your story.
Why is so bad?
Because it tells nothing! There is no conflict, and there is no mystery, there is no drama, there is nothing to make me wonder what happens next? Now I purposely bolted some words. Let’s take a look at them:
• 9:00 am
Hmm, not bad. I usually get up by ten but what’s the difference? Could it be if I would change the time?
• Boring
The only reason I Bolded that is to show you that nobody cares about a boring day. It is not enough to come up with something interesting in the end. It Must begin with something like this.
• Something
Try to be more specific. Something tells nothing to your readers. Try to describe it to stimulate your reader’s senses! (We will talk about that in another article!)

Ok let’s see how it can become better.

Example 2:

The time was 6:00 am. Another nightmare! What was it that time? I couldn’t remember, but I was still doddering. I tried to sleep again, but I couldn’t in the fear of another nightmare. The seventh in a row!

Ok, that is much better. It has much of a conflict between the character and himself. (Is that considered as a conflict? Of course, it is! A powerful one! ) Let’s see why is better.
• 6:00 am
Nothing more. Just 6:00 o’clock at the morning. Reader start wondering what is going to happen so early?
• Another Nightmare
Note that our character does not simply wakes up but he wakes up from a nightmare. That ladies and gentlemen is conflict!
• I couldn’t
Makes readers wonder!
• In the fear of another nightmare.
You give the character’s emotional situation. The sense of fear creates conflict.

Lessons learned so far. All about is conflict. The conflict stimulates the reader and makes him wanting to read further so as to know what happens next. You should also leave an unanswered question to maximize his curiosity. Another thing to care about is giving your character’s emotional situation. In that way, you make your reader fell what your character feels. If he does so he will surely care about your character. Choose emotions that create conflict! For example:
• fear
• love
• hate
• anger
• sadness
I am sure you can think of many others as well.
Now let’s take a final look at a third try. This time I will let you try to find a conflict, the emotional state, and the unanswered questions.

Example 3:

This time was my brother. He was screaming bound on his bed. His wrists were bleeding on his efforts to release himself while a few drops had already stained the floor. His deep red eyes were looking at me with this weird and scary way, like the eyes of the insane as if you stole his life. “Don’t come to find me!” he yelled again and transformed into a deer with emerald horns, escaping from madhouse’s room. I woke up from an agitation of my hand that forced me to jump out of my warm blankets. I could hear the sound of my breath coming out rapid and brief, while I could smell my sweat that had soaked my whole body. The time was 6: 00 in the morning and an additional nightmare had invaded my tranquil rest. That was the ninth in a row!

Solakidis Panagiotis. Fighting For Nephel

I will let you judge the above beginning and please tell me your opinion.
All in all how can you write a stunning beginning? Consider these:

• A mysterious dialogue
• A scene of action
• An unanswered question (John finished his coffee, he looked for just two seconds of the window and takes a deep breath. He lets his cup on the table, he grabs his carbine and start heading to Steve’s.) Ok, the narration might not be the best, but that’s not the point.
• An anonymous letter.

All these are great beginning, and I think that you can think of more if you try.

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To keep up with all latest articles about writing please subscribe to our list so as to receive an email for every new article but also for videos, podcast and free promotion services that may come in the future! Or you can pay a short visit at https://authorcorner.wordpress.com/ every day ;)!

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