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kindle-booksI have created a site wanting to help other authors. For that reason I am offering a free demonstration/hostage of your book to my site. It would be under a new page with name “BookShelf” and there you can send the cover of your book among with a description, links to Amazon and your site. Please do not exceed in description so as to be easy for everyone to have a space for his book! I am looking forward to help you.

If you are offering your Book for free via KDP then let me know and I will add it to a new page named “Hot Deals”.

If you are offering it at the price of 0.99$ let me know again and I will add it to a new paged named “Great Offers”

I will come up with interviews for authors but that would in the near future so keep in touch.

Please make sure to contact me to my email

In order to get promoted send to my email
1) A cover of your book
2) A brief description
3) One or more purchase link(s)
4)2 Categories for your book

Share that article. The more we are the better for everyone. You might want to follow the blog as well. Also please subscribe to our list to keep up with all the newest changes and book promotions.

As for the order of the books I will try to change it every 2 days or 3 so as to all books be in the top.

Thank you. If you want add me to your fb account here:

I am looking forward to help you!


37 thoughts on “Free Ebook Promotion!

  1. Great and generous page, Panagiotis. I’m sending you my book covers and description to your email. I’d also be very interested in a review. Thanks an ocean.


    • Hi Akinyi. it is nice to help other authors. I sent you an email. All I need more is a purchase link. Provide me a free copy of your book and I will leave a review. Then you might want to do the same with mine too.


  2. Sorry, I also could not find the link to upload my books. Here are the links to my books on Amazon:
    Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme –
    Enjoying Exodus: The Bible in Rhyme –
    Enjoying the Book of Esther: The Bible in Rhyme –
    The Big Book of Cards & Toasts for Almost All Occasions: Express Yourself in Rhyme -
    Birthday Cards & Toasts: Express Yourself in Rhyme –
    Cards & Toasts for Almost All Occasions: Express Yourself in Rhyme -
    Cards, Toasts & Notes for the Office: Express Yourself in Rhyme -
    Thanks – let me know if you need any other information!
    Also, if you would review any of these books would you do it from an electronic copy?


  3. Not sure I understood this.. My books ‘MISSING’ ‘THE SECRET’ ‘CHRISTINA’ are on or follow the links on my F/B page. Also there are my two fan-fiction’s ‘THEIR STORY’ and ‘BOBBY and LISA’….


      • My books are not for sale, is a free reading site.
        The easiest and quickest way to view them is via the links on my F/B page.


      • Ok I see Judith. Provide me a cover, a description and your link that readers can find your work ( your author page for example) and I will upload them to a separate page named Hot deals.


      • Sorry about this but I don’t have an Author’s page just my F/B page…. or go straight to and type my name Judith Whiteside into the box provided click enter and it will take you to my stories….


  4. Here is my $0.99 kindle book for your great offers section:
    A Deal With God The Power of One
    More can be found on my website
    I will also send you a copy for review if interested, just need to know where to send or upload it.
    Michael Haden


    • Hi Michael. Really glad to be able to help you! I could also leave you a free review if you want. Just provide a free copy of your book and I am going to read it as soon as possible and post the review. If you are interested just let me know and send me an email at


  5. Vengeance
    by Shelby Jacobs
    Genre: thriller, mystery, crime

    Reeling from grief over the vicious murder of her husband, Charley Howard makes a decision which will probably cost her life. Regardless of the danger to her, she is determined to make the killer suffer. Little does she know the killer is one step ahead and has already made arrangements to have her killed.

    With only her grit, passion and determination, she must battle the vicious head of the biggest crime syndicate in Nashville’s history. She knows she can not outmuscle him, but maybe, she can outsmart him. Unless he kills her first.

    This tense drama between the naive but determined widow and the powerful killer unfolds over three months until it comes down to the final moments when the choice for both is either kill or be killed.

    Purchase information at
    Purchase at search for author’s name Shelby Jacobs
    Purchase at
    Purchase at Kobo


  6. Hi, I would love to be added to your site for promotion. Should I email you my book info? I think what you’re doing is great and if I can help you with something down the road please don’t hesitate to ask.


  7. Panagiotis – I applaud your originality and initiative in establishing the site to expose our writing efforts to other authors and readers. At Stonywood Publications, I have become somewhat knowledgeable in self-publishing (in the U.S.), so while there are several very good books on the subject already, I am prepared to share what little expertise and experience I have gleaned with anyone who might have a question about the basic process. I am sending you an email with my cover and a description of my book. Thanks for the opportunity!


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