It is your Main Hero So Make it Count!

Surely your Main Hero is the most important of all your characters. He will grab all of your readers’ attention so you surely want to make him special. Let’s talk a bit about how you are going to make him special.

Step Number One.

You must find your character a passion, like a great love or passion with football. That is what all of his thoughts and actions are about.

Let’s take the second example. Let’s say that our Main Hero is called Tom.

Tom is dreaming of being a famous football player. He has spent all his childhood training every single day. He has posters of all the famous football players posted on his walls. He was very fat, and he had to lose much weight in order to be able to follow his dream but he did it. When his girlfriend asked him more time together, he explained her that he couldn’t as he had to do his training.

That is the step one. You may want to spend about 1/3 of your book describing all these in detail. Notice how his love for football affects all of his decisions.

Step Number Two

Now let’s go to step number two. You must enforce your Main Hero to leave his passion in a dramatic way. Let’s return to our example.

It is the day after Tom’s last astonishing play. His team had just made it to the finals. Tom receives a call from his mother. She informs him that his brother was murder in a hotel’s room. He says that he is going to visit her right away, but she stops him. She tells him that he has to leave the city. When he asks why she sends him a picture in his phone. It is from the room where his brother was murdered. On the walls there was written, probably with blood, “WHY TOM?”

So Tom has either to deal with police or to leave the town. In either way, he cannot continue playing football for a while and surely he cannot make to the finals! What will he choose is up to you but you should know that he has eventually to make it back to his passion, and that is the step number three.

Step Number three

Your hero has to come back to his passion but when he will, he must see his passion in a different way. For example let’s say that Tom, before the whole story with his brother, was willing to do everything in order to win, even if that was something unethical like a tough hit that could make his opponent unable to continue. Or that he had rage issues when he was losing a match. When he makes it back, he has to consider football and to win in a different way. That’s critical because what you should want to show, in order to write a good story, is how a person manages to change his thoughts. Well, the most times is for the better but that does not forbid you make the opposite

Step Number Four

One last thing you have to add to your main hero is a gift. For example, Tom could never make it be considered a great Main Hero if he had no talent in football. You can think of any gist to give to your Main Hero. The reason is that in that way you are making it easier for readers to love him and admire him. You want your readers to love and admire your main hero.

One last thing to remember. Do not make your Main Hero like a God!!! You want him to have weaknesses and fears and all the other stuff we discussed in the article Meet Your Characters. If you haven’t already make sure to check it out!

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