Book Arrivals (Coming Soon)


These are the hot releases of the next months. See the already published books here

What’s Success For You? ( Fiction & Self Help)
By Sagar Agarwal
“What’s Success For You?” is a two way book. Stories built up are fictional and it is a self help book which will put you into thinkingwhat's success for you ‘What is Success For Me?’. These stories demonstrates that success means differently for different people, i.e., everyone has a different perception about Success and these stories brings in regards with What Success Actually Means In Our Life and after reading this book, you will start thinking What Success Does Means To You.

The book should be released by the end of September 2014.


ABDUCTION An Angel over Rimini
By Patrick Brigham

The British authorities believe Penelope Scratchford is still alive, as does the UK Press. In order to reopen tAbductionhis cold case, Europol offers its assistance. Detective Chief Inspector Michael Lambert – now retired from Thames Valley Police – is sent to Rimini as a Europol Liaison Officer in order to assist the Italian police with re-opening their investigation.



The Land of Dragor: Book 1: The Gift of Charms (Land of Dragor 1)
By Julia Suzuki

Here Be Dragons…Hidden in a mist-filled valley, far away from the habitation of man, live the last of the world’s dragons.Julia Suzuki Divided by clan but united by the need to conceal themselves from humankind, these creatures, supposedly of myth and fairy tale, live ordinary lives, while ever aware that discovery will almost certainly be their undoing. Centuries ago, a great war spelled the end of their slavery to mankind. But in separating themselves from the rest of the world, the dragon clans have paid a heavy price. There is an emptiness in the Land of Dragor that did not exist before, and all the elders feel it. Disharmony runs rife. The dragons have vowed never to leave Dragor, but the youngest of them grow restless and superstitions abound. So when a strange egg is laid, all fear what will come of it. Could Dragor be about to meet its saviour? Or its destroyer?

Coming on September 2014. Pre-order now here

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