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Now that you made the first step promoting your book on Author Corner it is time to get your book to the next level. Reviews are of critical importance for your book sales. It is what your customers look first in order to know if it worths reading your book. I can leave you a free review if you provide me a free copy. I am going to have my first book published as well in few weeks and I would love to do the same for me. So if you want a free review just send me your book and I am going to leave a review as soon as I will finish reading it. I would prefer to send it as a gift iv it is possible via Amazon at or at mobi format, directly to my email. If these are not possible send it to me in any kind of format you can.
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Your book can be there too!

Your book can be there too! Take a look at our bookshelf. There are a lot of interesting books and yours can be there as well.


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kindle-booksI have created a site wanting to help other authors. For that reason I am offering a free demonstration/hostage of your book to my site. It would be under a new page with name “BookShelf” and there you can send the cover of your book among with a description, links to Amazon and your site. Please do not exceed in description so as to be easy for everyone to have a space for his book! I am looking forward to help you.

If you are offering your Book for free via KDP then let me know and I will add it to a new page named “Hot Deals”.

If you are offering it at the price of 0.99$ let me know again and I will add it to a new paged named “Great Offers”

I will come up with interviews for authors but that would in the near future so keep in touch.

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