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kindle-booksI have created a site wanting to help other authors. For that reason, I am offering a free demonstration of your book to my site. It would be under the page “BookShelf.” Please do not exceed in description so as to be easy for everyone to have a space for his book! I look forward to helping you.

In order to get promoted send to my email
1) The cover of your book
2) A brief description
3) One or more purchase link(s)
2) Categories for your book

If you are offering your Book for free via KDP then let me know and I will add it to the page named “Hot Deals”.

If you are offering it at the price of 0.99$ let me know again, and I will add it to the page “Great Offers.”

I will come up with interviews for authors, but that would in the near future so keep in touch.

Please make sure to contact me to my email

Share that article. The more we are, the better for everyone. You might want to follow the blog as well. Subscribe to our list to keep up with all the newest changes and book promotions.

As for the order of the books I will try to change it every 2 days or 3 so as to all books be in the top.

Thank you.

I look forward to helping you!

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