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Here you can find really low cost books. If your book is priced from 0.99$ to 2.99$ then I can upload it here for free as well. Please read my article about getting a free promotion here.


Bellmere Common: There’s nothing common about Bellmere [Kindle Edition] (Horror, Occult & Supernatural)

M. Steen

New low price for limited time only due to debut author.Bellmere

75,000 word length Supernatural Horror novel.

Patrick is informed that he had a long lost Aunt that died 12 months previously. He takes his family to sort through her belongings. Hoping it would give his wife a much needed break from her recent recurring nightmares. Everything starts off well but it isn’t long before an old sinister family secret rears it’s demonic head, bringing death and destruction to all it touches. Will they survive?

Available on for only 1.22$ on  Amazon


Baby Girl Book 3: City by the Bay (Short Fiction & Young Adults)

By Elle KlassBaby girl 3 for only 0,99$

Follow Cleo, who has once again changed her identity, this time to Shanna Nu, an orange moppy-headed homely girl, or so she tries to portray, as she travels to San Francisco seeking employment with the La Tige Detective Agency to search for answers. La Tige, a hard, sloppy man, lacking in social graces manages to worm a way right into her heart. Finally entering adulthood, Cleo realizes who she is inside, and through La Tige and a few other friends, she finds that true affection is forcing her to desperately pursue the answers to the mystery surrounding her birth and biological family. She manages to tie up a few loose ends while unraveling a few more.


Find it on Amazon for only 1.22$ Here

Baby Girl Book 1: In the Beginning (Short Fiction & Young Adults)

By Elle Klass

Baby Girl Book 1: In the Beginning is the first book in this series.
Follow Cleo on her epic saga which begins when she abandoned by her mom at twelve. She has no other family which she is Baby girl 1aware of, and in order to survive she leaves her home and lives on the streets. She meets some interesting characters and gets into some amusing predicaments all in the name of survival, such as jumping trains, being chased through the woods by a crazy man with a loaded shotgun and witnessing an unspeakable crime. After a few months on the streets she runs into another group of kids, Einstein is the oldest and a leader in the group, and they form a family of sorts. For survival and money they lean towards a life a crime which inevitably breaks up their family and sends Cleo and Einstein spiraling into their own adventure. Eventually they settle into a “normal” life however their pasts can’t be hushed forever …

Find on Amazon for only £1.99 Here 

Baby Girl Book 2: Moonlighting in Par (Short Fiction & Young Adults)

By Elle KlassBaby girl 2

Follow Cleo as she transforms into the glamorous Justine and falls into a life of unimaginable wealth when Didier the owner of a hotel empire is beguiled by her mysterious and naïve charms. Her life becomes one of luxury and fame beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Remnants of her past continue to haunt her and a new threat appears; is her latest peril related to her past or someone else’s, someone who has become a large part of her new life.

Find it on Amazon for only $1.22 Here 



By Gary Cann

The green hills of the Welsh border offer peace and solace but for Malcolm Gregson they are also a place to hide from theGreenhill cover present and remember the past.

His wife’s funeral gives him time to reflect on his own rather ordinary life, but that life takes a new and confusing turn when he meets an old school-friend, the glamorous and attractive Sonia Fox. He finds himself embroiled in events he doesn’t understand and a shadowy world of lies and deceit opens wounds he didn’t know existed. Who can he trust? Who can he believe?

Find it on Amazon for Only £1.99 Here

A Deal With God: The Power of One

By Michael Haden

Inspirational, Romantic, Bestselling Fiction For You To Enjoy

A Deal With God

When Deana Murphy died she told God she would do anything if he would let her come back. Deana didn’t realize what she was getting herself into. God granted her request, but in the form of a Deal. He had a mission for Deana that would change everything. Follow Deana as she takes on this mission with full commitment.

Deana is sent on a path that will require her absolute faith and devotion. She is tasked with stopping a high school massacre that would destroy many lives. She will have to move hundreds of miles away from any family or friends; she will have to leave urban Tampa and acclimate to rural Dothan Georgia.

One element of God’s mission is for Deana to help heal a broken family in this small town. Part of the deal is that Deana has to get the man of God’s choosing to marry her, and she has no say on who this man is. Her faith keeps her going and what starts as a mandate develops into an amazing love story.

This is a story of family and faith, love and inner strength, healing and conquering obstacles, and an absolute triumph of the human spirit.

Find it on Amazon for only 0.99$ here

Get more information to authors website here

Blood Web: Caitlin Diggs Series #1 (SCIFI & Thriller)
By Gary Starta

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs faces a paranormal killer when a crystal takes over a teen and leads her on a chase across the country.BLOOD WEB 2014 COVER Empowering the teen with supernatural abilities, the crystal exacts revenge on descendants of soldiers responsible for the Sand Creek Massacre but it also has a taste for neurotransmitter serotonin which it needs from humans to continue its consciousness.
Agent Diggs is the only FBI agent in the bureau to consider extreme possibilities and surmises the teen has a means to track his victims via DNA.
A heart pounding cat and mouse game ensues as Diggs attempts to fool the teen she is his next victim but as she plays with fire, a former military man begins to see the crystal as the perfect ingredient for a mind control weapon. Because the crystal possesses sentience it can counter Diggs’ plan for its demise and possibly exert mind control over her as well.
Can Diggs stop this biological internet from taking more victims, becoming a tool for mass mind control and resist the lure of its blood web?

Find it On Amazonfor only 1.22$ 0.99$ here

(*Authors note “The price shows at $1.22 but it is $.99”)

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