Thriller novels!

Looking for an undertaking thriller story. Here is your chance! See some of the best kindle thriller books!


Chinese Walls: 1 (Leading You Into Unexplored Territory) Paperback – 10 Jul 2014

Seasons of Truth: Winter (The Hunters Chronicle) [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller]
Scott James Magner

In a world ruled by faith and fear, one man discovers a terrible truth: We are not alone…Winter_450

Brother Carlos de Roja of the abbey of Sant Cugat du Valles leads a simple life, until the wars he studies in books and scrolls invade his home. What starts as a search for the identity of the mysterious Karl Outrikos soon embroils him in a dark conspiracy that stretches both across Europe, and back through the centuries to the beginnings of his faith.

Through it all, Carlos searches for one thing only—the truth. And when he finds it, nothing will ever be the same.

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Dark Side of Sunset Pointe – A Lance Underphal Mystery [Mystery, Thriller]
Michael Allan Scott

A hardcore contemporary mystery/thriller – a paranormal mystery, to be more precise. Based on real-life events, this murder71k8dNhY2gL._SL1500_mystery is new and very different. Mystery connoisseurs beware, the first book in the Lance Underphal Mystery series will keep you guessing . . .

A Paranormal Mystery – Lance Underphal was devastated by his wife’s death, and now, the down-and-out crime-scene photographer can’t let her go. He wakes up plagued by premonitions. The double shooting of an Arizona real estate developer and his mistress/bookkeeper immerse Underphal in a world of incomprehensible phenomena and it’s anything but pleasant.
Dark Side of Sunset Pointe: A Lance Underphal Mystery (Volume 1)


Seasons of Truth: Spring (The Hunters Chronicle) [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller]
Spring_450Scott James Magner

In a world ruled by faith and fear, one man discovers a terrible truth: We are not alone…

Father Carlos de Roja set out on his journey seeking answers, but arrived at the abbey of The Blessed Stone near death, with no idea how or why he’d come to be there.

In the days that follow he struggles to remember, while at night he battles strange visions which threaten the very nature of his faith.

Are his dreams real? And will the power growing inside him heal the world, or destroy it? Only time will tell, and for Carlos, time is running out…

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Blood Web: Caitlin Diggs Series #1(SCIFI & Thriller)

By Gary Starta

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs faces a paranormal killer when a crystal takes over a teen and leads her on a chase across the country . Empowering the teen with supernatural abilities, the crystal exacts revenge on descendants of soldiers responsible for the Sand

Blood Web: Caitlin Diggs Series #1

Creek Massacre but it also has a taste for neurotransmitter serotonin which it needs from humans to continue its consciousness. Agent Diggs is the only FBI agent in the bureau to consider extreme possibilities and surmises the teen has a means to track his victims via DNA. A heart pounding cat and mouse game ensues as Diggs attempts to fool the teen she is his next victim but as she plays with fire, a former military man begins to see the crystal as the perfect ingredient for a mind control weapon. Because the crystal possesses sentience it can counter Diggs’ plan for its demise and possibly exert mind control over her as well. Can Diggs stop this biological internet from taking more victims, becoming a tool for mass mind control and resist the lure of its blood web?

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Day of the Phoenix (Crime Thriller, Spy Thriller, Political Thriller)

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